About DenVantage

DenVantage is a membership plan; it is not insurance. All but the few dollars used to administer the plan go directly to pay for dental services. So you don’t have to gamble on the no-win proposition where if your employees stay healthy, you lose money paying for something they didn't need, and in order for you to get your money's worth, they must have dental health problems. DenVantage membership covers 100% of your employees' preventive care to keep them healthy; plus it entitles them to savings if they do need corrective dental work. This includes reduced fees on all dental services offered by their DenVantage dentist without exclusions or limitations, as long as they, the employee, holds up their end of the bargain; which is simply to keep all appointments as scheduled and pay in advance for any work not covered fully by membership. DenVantage is designed to make it easy for your employees to stay healthy and not have to wade through mountains of insurance claims, red tape, and claim denials.